Most people have no idea how much sugar they consume each day.

  • All carbohydrates turn into sugar and the more starch and less fiber they contain, the faster they affect blood sugar levels. Fruit flavored yogurt can contain upwards of 20 grams of sugar (5 tsp per serving), and a serving of sweet and sour chicken with rice contains more than 12 teaspoons – even more than a can of soda.
  • We know now that blaming fat for our obesity crisis was a major fallacy. Eating fat doesn’t make us fat, not being able to burn fat is the problem. Current research supports the idea that sugar has a toxic influence on our bodies, is highly addictive and should be reduced to a manageable level.

The Sugar Challenge is for anyone interested to: 

  • Embrace foods that promote health
  • Invest time to learn and grow
  • Make lasting lifestyle changes

This is not a diet, but a systematic reduction of added dietary sugars over the course of three weeks. The formula is simple: just eat real food, mainly veggies, just enough clean protein and lots of healthy fats.

In order to participate, you have to have daily access to email, commit to submitting a daily food journal and be prepared to set aside extra time for food preparation.

Next Challenge: October 2017
Info Meeting: After Thanksgiving
Cost: $115

Add-on Option: Inbody Body Composition Analysis at Deerfields Clinic in Palgrave for $90 per person. (2 tests prior and post-challenge which includes body fat/mass percentage, hydration levels, lean mass, BMI, Basal metabolic rate)

Possible side effects of eliminating sugar include: 

  • increased energy
  • reduced inflammation (muscle aches and joint pain)
  • loss of cravings
  • body fat reduction
  • better sleep
  • clear skin

Time spend on you isn’t lost – it’s invested!


“This challenge was exactly what I needed to re-set my metabolism. You have provided me with information that has totally changed the way that I look at food.  I started the challenge looking to lose 10 lbs. but walked away with so much more… I have not slept this good in 5 years and my stress level has really been impacted positively. Thanks for all your support and guidance as this was truly what I needed.” – J. C.

“This challenge was great for me as I have been mindful of what I was eating for the last couple of years (thought I was), however, never really put 2 and 2 together. I would previously just measure calories and try to stay away from fast food.  You have provided me with the knowledge to create a healthy way of eating/living. Knowledge is power!” – G.A

“I am down 12.5lbs, feel terrific and love this new way of looking at my dinner plate. It has been a pleasure!” – L.B.