Small Group Training

Individualized fitness training is the way of the future and there is a big lure away from big gyms to a more personalized studio atmosphere. Working in a small group builds accountability, is a lot more fun and increases commitment.

Small group training is the natural progression from Personal Training for many, as it provides on-going motivation and exercise variety with personalized coaching. Woman of all ages are realizing that ‘strong is beautiful’ and lifting weights won’t make them bulky, but boosts metabolism and leaves them feeling fabulous. Co-ed classes attract many couples that use the training as ‘date-night’. I love that and think this should be the #1 fitness trend for 2017!

Since there is no universal “best” workout, I use a hybrid format that mixes a variety of approaches combining strength training with high-intensity cardio intervals. Every workout is designed to cover all muscle groups and movement patterns. The training will challenge you, maybe even make you uncomfortable, but always with correct form and purpose.

You don’t have to spend hours on cardio equipment to increase your fitness level and science has proven that strength training has enormous health benefits – mentally and physically.


“Regardless of how I feel physically, I always feel so much better mentally after coming to class – thank you.” – B.D.

“I have a hard time working out alone – it does not work for me and I have always struggled finding like-minded people to train with. That’s why I love coming to your classes. I always feeling the effects of your classes afterwards which is really amazing!” – C.T.

Fall 2017 Schedule (November 6 – December 15)