Posture Workshops & Corporate Training

Over the last century humans evolved to an information-based society and our once perfect posture is slowly eroding as we hunch over our desks and computers. Screens have become an integral part of our work environment, social life and entertainment. We can’t avoid them, but should be mindful how to use them. Prolonged sitting promotes dozens of chronic diseases and we need to become more educated about how to stay healthy in our seated, screen based work and home environments.

Posture is a habit with far reaching consequences on health, energy, focus and appearance. People with good posture are assumed to be intelligent, educated and look successful, confident and alert. Proper body alignment improves breathing, circulation, and digestion, reduces muscles and joint pain, maintains a healthy spine, and even improves ones’ frame of mind.

Every workshop is customized to suit the group, environment and time frame available. The presentation style ranges from very interactive with hands-on assessments or lecture style highlighting the importance of correcting posture for health and performance. This includes signs and symptoms of faulty posture, possible causes, contributing factors and how this applies to each person individually. All participants will walk away with the information they need to improve their own posture and body mechanics with specific stretches and exercises. Correcting posture requires a dedicated effort but it is the most effective approach to a healthy spine.

Nikola has studied posture, alignment, corrective exercise and core stability for many years and her experience has taught her that, much like the foundation of a house, good posture is one of the keys to overall well-being. One workshop will not change anyone’s life, but it gives participants a new awareness and a sneak peek into what she can do for your organization and your people.


“We utilized Nikola’s skills and passion for wellness in a few different ways and each engagement was a huge success! With her unique insights, humor and deep skills, Nikola kept the group engaged, motivated and coming back for more, which is not easy in our fast-paced work environment. The feedback from our lunchtime posture workshops was extremely positive. Nikola was able to establish a foundation of knowledge, and inspire the participants to make meaningful wellness choices that would last a lifetime. Overall, Nikola is a pleasure to work with. It is evident that wellness is not just a career choice for her – it is a life choice and vocation. This passion and conviction is strongly conveyed in all of her interactions with all types of people. I have immensely enjoyed working with her and would welcome the opportunity to work with her in the future and would recommend her as a highly effective, engaging speaker.”– Maria Vomiero, Health and Safety Supervisor, Toromont CA

“Thank you for your fantastic presenting on posture. People have been sending me positive comments and stopping me in the halls to say how much they enjoyed the session. I am getting inquiries from co-workers who were not even at the session because people were talking about it when they got back to their workstations. We definitely hope to have you back for future sessions.” – Kerri Del Medico, Wellness Coordinator, Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

“Your posture presentation was very interesting and delivered with high energy, humour and passion. This workshop would be a of great value to any business interested in improving the Health and Wellness of their staff.” – Karen Robertson, Guidance and Career Education Instructional Coordinator