Personal Training

By definition, a Personal Trainer is a fitness professional possessing the knowledge, skills and abilities for safe and effective exercise and fitness program design, instruction and assistance for the purpose of reaching personal health and fitness goals. This includes a fitness assessment and program design with appropriate cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercises.

I believe the above provides a foundation, but a good trainer also has passion and purpose, is caring and able to coach, motivate and inspire people to safely push themselves to be uncomfortable, because that is where change happens. Exercise is like a drug and can be quite addictive if you enjoy your workouts and see results.

All training programs start with a Health Screening and Fitness Assessment evaluating posture, movement patterns, core strength and mobility/flexibility. This provides the basis for effective and safe program design, progressive testing and helps to establish realistic goals. Some people need the motivation and coaching of regular weekly sessions, others prefer to check-in every 4-6 weeks to update their program and assess progress.

Training is available one-on-one or semi-private with a friend or partner. It’s an investment in your health and makes the process of getting fit easier, safer and a lot more fun.


“I am thrilled with my improved strength, flexibility and sports performance, but also appreciate the fact that you are conscious of keeping me balanced and improving on my weaknesses. It all ties together to make a stronger, healthier me. The workouts are very effective, always enjoyable and I appreciate the effort and thought you put into addressing my needs, and your willingness to adapt to requests that are specific to what I have been working on from week to week.” – M.T.