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Forest Running

The Japanese call it Shinrin-yoku. “Forest bathing”, a long walk through the forest, breathing in the wood essential oils in the forest air, is a recognized form of wellness in Japan. Benefits are believed to include a reduction in stress hormones, heart rate and blood pressure.

Forest Run

And while it is not precisely forest-bathing a run through nearby Palgrave Forest is bound to be both restorative and a good work-out.

Nikola Boadway, owner of Palgrave Personal Training, and Tina Haller, owner of Healthy Lifestyles, became aware about 8 years ago that they were each leading running clubs and decided to merge. The result is the Palgrave Running Club.

“We’ve designed this so almost any level of fitness should be able to keep up” says Tina. The CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer moved to Caledon almost 20 years ago from Peterborough.

Novice runners can attend the Learn To Run (LTR) Clinic, a 12-week session where they slowly progress from running 1 minute intervals to 5 kilometres of trail running, at which point they can join in with the running club.

Small group

“Trail running is easy on the joints” explains Nikola, who was Certified as a Fitness Instructor in 2002 and then continued to add certifications as personal trainer, exercise coach and holistic lifestyle coach, transitioning from group exercise to small group and personal training. “Every week we run a different route and since the forest is constantly changing it’s almost mediative and addictive to run in such an amazing environment”.

The Club has a total of 5 coaches, 2 for the LTR clinic and 3 (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) for the Trail Running Club. The LTR Clinic commences April 7th for 12 weeks for $75.00. The Trail Running Club is $25.00 for the season (April 7th to September 29th).

To register contact either or

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Business Ladies Lunch and Learn

It was an interesting topic of discussion at Tammy Elliott’s most recent Business Ladies Lunch and Learn.

Guests heard from Speaker Nikola Broadway on just how important a role posture plays in performance and productivity. Linking the health of our bodies, the stress and tension we feel and our productivity, Nikola was able to convey the roles of posture and prevention as the most important “tools for back health and core strength.” It was a helpful reminder that, particularly as solopreneurs, looking after one’s own health and well-being is key to entrepreneurial success. Participants really enjoyed the session and even participated in a couple of fun group “exercises!” For more information on Tammy’s sessions visit her website.