Working with a Personal Trainer, either individually or in a small group is an investment in your health and makes the process of getting fit easier, safer and a lot more fun.

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Understanding and implementing the important concepts of posture, body mechanics and core strength is crucial to avoid and correct chronic back pain, low energy and stress.

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Most people have no idea how much sugar they consume. Join the challenge and participate in a systematic reduction of added dietary sugars over the course of 3 weeks.

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Just wanted to let you know that yes, my pecs and other muscles I  don’t know what they are called are sore but I am told that is a good thing. Also, wanted to tell you that I like this 100 thing. It made for a great class and combining the 100 thing with the ball stuff is genius. I really liked  yesterday’s class and thanks for thinking of different things to hold my interest. Good job!!” D.C.

“Loved the 100’s workout. I am really feeling it. It may be difficult to move tomorrow… not sure if it is the 100s workout or the fact that I haven’t been to see you in 2 weeks:)  Great feeling though!” L.M.